My name is Generlyn [jen′ər lin] Jean. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where I obtained a degree in Computer Animation from Miami International University of Art & Design. I was always naturally drawn to art and its limitless faces, so I’ve dabble in different aspects of the form. After completing my very first painting at the age of fifteen, my interest in art intensified and I began exploring ways to fuse different methods to create outstanding and memorable work. Broadening my interest in art has allowed me to gain a variety of experience in logo design, packaging, 3d modeling, digital and fine arts. My art has grown to include many different styles and mediums, ranging from portraits to cartoons. My greatest enjoyment when creating artwork is combining assorted elements to communicate a single language. I take pride in my work and enjoy helping others bring their ideas to life. I want to continue to absorb as much experience and knowledge as possible to foster my skills and feed my passion.