About Me

Generlyn is an enterprising artist who grew up in a creative environment influenced by the likes of her family of artists. Although she is considered self-taught, she cultivated her interest in art during her collegiate years attending Miami International University of Art & Design to further her talents. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation, enhanced her innate skills and has been sharing it with her community.

Miami-based artist, Generlyn works largely in the medium of digital art, but finds comfort in capturing art through the traditional form. Through painting portraits, sculpting, and photographing, Generlyn exercises many techniques to bring her art to life. Her works are exhibited at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, presented as wall mural paintings in the metropolis, and showcased at major supermarkets and wholesale food chains including Walmart, Costco Wholesale, and BJs Warehouse Club in Miami, Orlando, New York, and Georgia.

Through the support of family and friends, Generlyn’s artistic drive continues to flourish. She aspires to explore new avenues and embrace challenges that will help her develop her talents and share her art with others.